Things I Like: The Best a Blog Can Get (Vol. III)

Gillette razor

Guys, it happened again.

I’m injured.

I was super close to turning this week into a “Things I DON’T Like”.

But I promised myself only positivity in 2019. No time to bitch and moan about my injury with so many likeable things happening right now.

So, let’s do this.

The things I like this week are …

These new WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships

About damn time.

Since 2015, the evolution of WWE’s treatment of women wrestling – from eye-candy segment fillers to featured storylines and main-event matches – is a welcome, albeit late, change to the landscape of professional spo … I mean, entertainment.

Dubbed the Women’s Revolution, this period in wrestling has brought forward some of the greatest female wrestlers, even rivaling their male counterparts in terms of popularity and performance quality.

From The 4 Horsewoman to an all-women’s pay-per-view to Ronda Rousey’s career change, the legitimacy, importance, and profitability of women’s wrestling has been all but cemented.

Adding tag team titles is just another step in the right direction.

While we’re on the topic of a large conglomerate and a social movement …

This campaign from Gillette

There is only one appropriate reaction to this commercial:


A sobering reminder of male privilege, as well as toxic masculinity, Gillette’s use of everyday occurrences and normalized behaviour makes the highlighted  issues that more problematic and real.

The relatability of this video is both eerie and powerful. Throughout the portrayed situations, every viewer can empathize as either (a) the abuser, (b) the abused, or (c) a bystander.

And that’s messed up.

Though I previously said that there is only one appropriate reaction to the commercial, there have been many people reacting differently.

Looking at Twitter threads and YouTube comments, a large contingent of … how can I say this nicely…. PRIVILEGED DUMB DUMBS, have criticized the advertisement.

They cite feeling “attacked” or “demonized for being male.” And that the ad was “offensive to men.”


Let’s break this down: if you are offended by a commercial that is telling its viewers to not be bad humans … YOU ARE PROBABLY A BAD HUMAN.

Holding oneself accountable for their actions may be tough and humbling, but extremely necessary for change. Those who do not intend to hold themselves accountable, refuse to acknowledge a power disparity, choosing to reap – and abuse – the benefits of an undeserved privilege.

Regardless of the campaign’s business intention (using virtue signalling to sell razors), highlighting issues ingrained in our societal make up is important. It keeps the power balance in check, by giving a voice to the vulnerable and holding the privileged responsible.


That was intense. Let’s change the pace and talk about something lighter (like really really lighter) …

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season opener


The perfect example of “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”, Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cancellation and subsequent saving is one of the coolest things social media has accomplished.

Fans of the show basically pulled one of those “100k retweets and my teacher cancels the exam” stunts.

Except this one wasn’t stupid. And this one was for real. AND THIS ONE WORKED.

I like Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

It’s my favourite comedy TV show that is currently airing. It is also my go-to show to play in the background while I’m doing other things, that will make me stop once in awhile to watch and laugh along.

You know what I’m talking about. Everyone has that show. (Friends is my all-time “in the background” show, followed by How I Met Your Mother and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air).

I’m soooo looking forward to more of the Nine-Nine’s shenanigans this season. But the TV show season I’m looking forward to the most …

Game of Thrones teaser trailer

The last season of an epic saga.

Winter is ending.

This line from Chance the Rapper

“Ankle like Kurt, came back like Derrick Rose.”

A rap line by Chance the Rapper from a song called “Church”, with two similes about wrestling and basketball, detailing a motivational return from injury?!

I literally can’t think of anything more Jozef than this.

Following Rose’s horrific ACL tear in the 2012 playoffs, Adidas launched #TheReturn campaign in anticipation of the MVP’s return.

I had the following image as my laptop background for several months:

Derrick Rose #TheReturn

Unfortunately, his return was marred with frustration and disappointment, resulting in further injury complications and multiple more surgeries.

Eventually moving teams, Derrick ended up in Cleveland at the beginning of the 2017-18 season. Frustrated by continual injuries, Rose took time off to re-evaluate his NBA future and seeming loss of passion for the game.

Fast forward to this season and Rose has found a second life in his role on the Minnesota Timberwolves, posting his best statistics since 2012. His 50-point career high was an emotional peak, a testament to commitment and determination.

Struggling with my own injuries and watching Rose has taught me: it doesn’t matter how quickly you bounce back.

What matters, is that you bounce back.